Heartwarming - powerful medicinal products for the cardiovascular system

Protected for the summer with ZIEGLER Cratagaeus medicinal products

The ingredients found in the combined medicinal product Crataegus-logoplex® present all the regulatory properties required to provide mild and balanced relief for the cardiovascular system.

Crataegus-logoplex® is available as an Injection solution, drops and beads.


Summertime problem? High cell count in the milk


Withdrawal period 0 days to prevent financial losses.

The ingredients in the combined medicinal product Phytolacca S-logoplex® are designed to channel pathogenic inflammatory products from the mammary gland, hence purging the affected zone.

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Beads for small animals

To treat various diseases using the original ZIEGLER logoplex® compounds.

Nux vomica-logoplex®


The new Hämo-logoplex®

Hämo-logoplex® is a combination of three ingredients. Achillea millefolium (yarrow), Hamamelis virginiana (Virginian witch hazel) and
phosphorous. Phosphorous, a chemical element, enhances the activity of the plant agents.

It is described as promoting systemic and local haemostasis, e.g. during delivery and after injury, blood in the milk and aural haematoma.

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