Legal situation

In Germany, the Trade in Medicinal Products Act (Arzneimittelgesetz - AMG) provides the regulatory framework under which medicinal products are marketed.

Further, Veterinary Surgeons

must refer to the Directive on Veterinary Pharmacies (TÄHAV)


and Farmers

are governed by the Directive on Documentary Obligations for Animal Keepers Regarding Medicinal Products Intended for Administration to Animals (animal keeper medicinal product documentation directive - ANTHV)





Below you will find some of the main aspects:

According to Section 56a, a veterinary surgeon may

  • use, apply and prescribe medicinal products, hence also 'homeopathic medicine products for animals'.
  • apply, administer and prescribe 'human homeopathic medicinal products' under the condition of adherence to the requirements as defined in Section 56a (2) Sentence 2 (reclassification,
    exclusively containing homeopathic remedies with active ingredients as defined in Directive (EU) No. 37/2010).

According to Section 56 a, a farmer may

  • purchase and administer medicinal products, hence also 'homeopathic medicine products' as prescribed by the veterinary surgeon
  • autonomously purchase, for instance in pharmacies, and administer exclusively for the specified target species medicinal products sold only in pharmacies, hence also 'homeopathic medicine products for animals'.
  • On no account autonomously administer human homeopathic products (also and for instance human beads) to animals intended for the production of food.

ZIEGLER homoeopathic medicine products may only be sold in pharmacies. Each use of medicinal products sold only in pharmacies and on prescription must be documented immediately as defined in the animal keeper medicinal product documentation directive!

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